Errors In Noun-Noun Agreement

For more information on singular and plural themes, consult our website on the subject-subject agreement between the subject and the subject. There is a disagreement between the names «cars» and «doors» in the sentence; We are told earlier in the sentence using «his car» that Dani only drove one car in the parking lot. Therefore, the right choice of answer is to «lock their car doors». For more information, see our blog post «Announcing the Inclusive Language Policy». 5. A combination of these factors, as well as a range of broader digital transformation and economy trends, has focused attention on regulatory technology as a theme. Your notice of infringement may be sent to the party that provided the content or to third parties as If the subject of the sentence is plural, the pronoun in the sentence also becomes plural. Please note that you are liable for damages (including fees and attorneys` fees) if you materially misalmiss that a product or activity infringes your copyright. Therefore, if you are not sure whether the content that is on the site or that is linked by the website infringes your copyright, you should consider going to a lawyer first. To convince me to go with them, my friends described the concert as a unique experience. Manny always checked his students` grades to make sure they had followed. There are several classmates who are described in the sentence.

Therefore, there should be several singers (or pluralists). The word here, however, is the singular «singer,» which is false. Lewis and Clark, now the legendary explorers of Louisiana Purchase, were selected as frontier workers based on their scientific knowledge and skills. .