Power Purchase Agreement Template

C-12 Development of a business case for renewable energy at airports that are transferred by fax (this transfer is effective on the day of receipt, if it is received before 5 p.m. .m local time, one business day or, in another case, from the business day following the day of transmission); or (v) e-mailed if the receipt of such an e-mail transmission is expressly accepted by the recipient (automatic responses that are not sufficient for confirmation), as stated below: Santa Barbara Municipal Airport 601 Norman Firestone Road Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Fac-Simile: (XXX) XXX-XXXX (d) Host must pay each invoice within twenty (20) days after receiving the invoice. When the host is able to make the payment by electronic transfer, the payment is made by electronic transfer to an account designated by the provider in the invoice or in a written notification to the host; Otherwise, the payment is made by cheque or by any other means agreed by the parties. For amounts not due, including amounts duely contested and later declared due to maturity, monthly interest on the unpaid amount amounts to 1% per month. (e) If the host contradicts all or part of an invoice, the host must pay the undisputed portion of the invoice on the day or before the payment of the invoice (i) and (ii) submit a broken statement of grievances, which details the basis of its grievances. If the host does not disagree before the payment of an invoice is due, the host is required to pay the full amount of these invoices, but the host may later object to this invoice and, if this objection proves correct, obtain a refund of the disputed amount plus interest on the disputed amount of 1% per month. , assembled monthly; provided, however, that the host cannot charge more than twelve (12) months after the day of the billing. The right to challenge or challenge an invoice is, subject to the time limit in this section 7 (e), beyond the expiry or termination of the agreement. 8. MINIMUM ANNUAL OUTPUT SUPPLIER GARANTIAS has estimated that the system will provide the expected annual performance, as indicated in Appendix A of this agreement.

The supplier guarantees a minimum annual system performance of 90% of the expected annual performance of the system during a year of operation beginning on the commercial operating date. If the supplier does not meet the minimum annual performance requirement for a year of operation for reasons other than the reduction described in Section 11, the supplier pays the host or host, at its choice, to deduct an amount equal to the host`s lost savings with future payments due.