Middlesex University Access Agreement

By using the Services, you agree to receive all communications, including communications, agreements, legal disclosures or other service-related information (all «contract notifications») electronically from the University of Middlesex. In addition, Middlesex University reserves the right to contact Creators by phone in case of a problem with its project. Middlesex University can provide such electronic notifications by publishing them on MDXCrowdfund. If you wish to revoke your consent to the electronic receipt of contractual communications, you must stop using the website and services. You are responsible for setting up your information technology, computer programs and platform to access the site. You should use your own antivirus software. You accept and understand that you are responsible for the privacy of passwords related to any account you use to access MDXCrowdfund and its services. You cannot disclose this information to third parties. If you are aware of unauthorized use of your password or account, you agree to notify Middlesex University immediately by email to crowdfund@mdx.ac.uk. Students and teachers have 90 different publishers and information resources, which offer thousands of e-books, magazines and scientific work to improve the educational process. Access to this information is complex at the best of times, but it is even more difficult for students on international sites, as each country needs a different set of licenses.

In addition, each site has different courses that require access to different types and levels of information online and, since each international website has little or no local expertise, licensing and access must be provided from the UK. As part of its registration with the Office for Students, Middlesex University has developed an access and participation plan that sets clear criteria for our progress in supporting important groups. The plan explains how higher education providers will improve equal opportunities for under-represented groups to access higher education, succeed and progress. OpenAthens is very important for what we do at Middlesex University, as it allows students and employees to access many resources with a username and password. This makes my task simple and simple as an authentication manager. Once you have registered, you are responsible for paying your tuition and all associated fees, including all amounts incurred by third parties and unpaid.