Investment Club Partnership Agreement

The right or authority to engage or engage the partnership to any extent on any issue outside the framework of the partnership`s objective. bank account. The partnership can select a bank for the purpose of opening a bank account. Funds from the bank account are withdrawn through cheques signed by each partner designated by the partnership as part of the club`s operational procedures. Things to consider 20. Payment terms. In case of prepayment, the payment is made in cash. When cash is transferred, partnerships transfer the partner (or any other appropriate agency) and withdraw all of its shares in the partnership, with an amount equal to the value of the withdrawn capital account, net of the $100 fee and the actual cost of the partnership for the sale of securities for the purpose of obtaining cash for the purpose of executing the withdrawal. The amount withdrawn is paid within one month from the valuation date used to determine the amount of the payment. For partners who withdraw their accounts after closing, the partnership will set the official payment date. On that day, an evaluation statement will be established and eligible partners will receive the value of their account within one month of that date.

If the graduate partners who have chosen to remain in the partnership decide to withdraw their account, they must send their withdrawal to either the president or the sponsor of the Tiger Investment Group. The President will then announce the withdrawal at the next general meeting of the partners. This meeting date is used as an evaluation date for the withdrawal of the account. The value of the account is determined and the total value of the account is paid to the partner within one month of the valuation date. The partnership begins on the partnership name, balance or property for purposes other than the partnership. Changes to the partnership agreement. This partnership agreement may be amended from time to time after the approval of all partners whose capital accounts represent at least two-thirds of the value of all capital accounts. The meeting`s written or e-mail communications considering amending the partnership agreement contain a specific reference and a brief description of the issue to be considered. Things to consider in the third term. The partnership began in November 1999 and continues until December 31 of the same year, and then from year to year, unless it has been terminated as here and after the date of application.

expenditures. The costs of the partnership are allocated to partners based on their share of the partnership`s participation (point 7) at the time of cost arrival. However, if the company decides, at the partnership meeting, by majority decision, during which the cost decision is made, that a charge may benefit each partner at the same amount, a charge can be distributed and allocated to each partner for an equivalent amount, regardless of their share of ownership at the time. in the event of a partial withdrawal, the payment can be made in cash or in company securities or in a mixture of any partner who makes the partial withdrawal. In the event of a complete termination, payment can be made in cash or securities or, at the choice of other partners, in cash or in blending. In both cases, the remaining partners choose the securities when securities are to be distributed. With respect to the transfer of securities, the company selects, on the reference date of the valuation of payments (point 8), securities of equal value at the total or partial value of the partner capital account withdrawn.