The Agreements And Related Documents

Agreements and other documents on this site, if your offer is referenced by TPC or a reseller authorized by TPC, form the basis of your contract with TPC. Older versions of these documents can be accessed in the archive. Developing agreements and documents. Writing in English and/or Russian relatively simple, small contracts, not particularly important, agreements, documents to meet the imperative requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the usual requirements of regulators and banks of the Russian Federation. Agreements, contracts and documents are developed primarily on the basis of the main real details of the transaction, the agreement, the project and the main related legal issues. Contractual terms and documents are drafted in a simplified form to facilitate their understanding by counterparties as well as by the monetary control inspectors of banks, the Federal Tax Authority, the Federal Customs Authority and other regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation. The main conditions of sale are defined in the text of laws and legal acts in force in the Russian Federation (notably in the Russian version of the Treaty), international conventions, publications of international organizations (particularly in the English version of the Treaty). The necessary information and appropriate conditions are added to the treaty to respond to the frequent and very likely requests of banks and regulators of the Russian Federation. Unfavourable and problematic circumstances for government inspections are, if possible, excluded from the treaty or presented in a language that is not noticeable.

The agreements and bilingual documents in English and Russian are written in a compact and legible form with the placement of bilingual paragraphs in English and Russian strictly against each other. Partial (selective) revision of the agreement and/or documents. Legal and linguistic review and modification of the contract/documents submitted regarding objectives, expenses, sections, conditions, in English and/or Russian. Other issues and conditions of the contract submitted are not taken into account. Change contracts and documents by indicating changes and additions in the verification format in MS Word. The objectives of such a partial review may be to reconcile a foreign agreement with the mandatory requirements of Russian law and with the requirements of Russian regulators and banks, to develop the treaty and documents to reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange transactions, taxes, customs clearance in the Russian Federation, the development of agreements and documents for the use of foreign trade, taxes, customs duties and other statutory benefits in the Russian Federation.