Seamless Transfer Agreement

In accordance with a articulation agreement between Kean and Essex County College on January 15, 2015, the University of Essex County College will allow Essex County students who have successfully graduated from an associate degree and appropriate general educational requirements to transfer credits after admission to Kean. Up to 35 credits can be transferred to Kean, and students may be eligible for a reverse transfer to meet the waiting employee`s education requirements. The credits transferred depend on the equivalence of the courses according to the links shown below. Select a study option to display The Equivalency Course Sheets Accepted by Kean for each suitable Major at Essex County College: A.A. —-> B.A. – A.S. —-> B.A. Kean University offers a seamless transition for Hudson County Community College (HCCC) students who have successfully completed their HCCC Associate Degree in the following academic programs. The agreement will provide transfer students with the opportunity to pursue an online bachelor`s degree at a more affordable price than almost any other public option in Pennsylvania, depending on the student`s program of study and credit load. At the time of today`s signing, the partnership between The Pennsylvania Colleges and SNHU is the only national articulation agreement of its kind in the Commonwealth. Kean University is proud to work with the following community colleges in New Jersey to facilitate the transfer of articulation agreements: at a signing conference and digital press conference, 14 presidents of Pennsylvania Community College today announced a new partnership and articulation agreement with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). The Kean University Department of Computer Science and Information Technology offers a smooth transition for students at Bergen Community College (BCC) who are applying an associate degree in the university programs listed below.

Junior standing guaranteed for SUNY students who obtain an AA or AS degree and attend a parallel program on a four-year SUNY campus. How does the reverse-transfer work? Iowa Community College Transfer students have the opportunity to participate in the reverse transfer transfer agreement.