Venue Hire Agreement Template Nz

(i) four days between our agreement until the booking request or 3.11 You must ensure that the public does not have access to the facility in an unauthorized manner during the rental period. 4.8 You must ensure that all persons have evacuated the place until the end of the rental period. 5.9 We may ask regular tenants to forego one or more of their reservations if the venue is required for a multi-day event, elections, maintenance or better use of the premises in our facility. In these cases, a delay of at least three weeks is provided. 9.9 If the agreement is terminated under c) or (e) the rental fees paid are not refunded and all obligations you have incurred at auckland Council are immediately due and payable. (a) Cleaning Conditions after the expiry of the tenancy period 9.8 We are entitled to cancel or terminate all or part of this contract, in addition to our other rights and remedies, in the following circumstances: 1.4 Please keep a copy of these rental conditions for your reference to ensure that you are aware of the rental responsibilities. 22.3 We do not offer insurance coverage for the loss or deterioration of your property or the property of a visitor to the site. 14.1 You compensate Auckland Council, our employees or agents for any claims, claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting from your use of the site or a violation of this Agreement. 5.5 The granting of credits to permanent tenants under this contract is limited to the responsibility for the payment of funds provided by us. There is nothing in this agreement that requires us to provide you with credits for other goods or services that we provide. 5.2 To make a reservation, a regular tenant must complete a booking application form and accept these terms and conditions.

7.3 Regular tenants can be billed monthly and payment is due, as shown on the invoice. 3.6 You are responsible for checking the location at the beginning of the rental period to ensure that its condition is safe and suitable for rental purposes. All risks must be reported immediately to institutional staff. 3.14 During the rental period, you may not allow any illegal activity inside or outside the property. 3.19 Nothing in this agreement creates a tenant-tenant relationship between the parties. 6. Payments 6.1 Additional costs may arise if the tenant or a tenant-related party enters the space before the reserved time or takes longer to evacuate. 6.2 All costs incurred by GLCC to remedy a violation of any of the above terms will be deducted from the loan. 6.3 The loan will be repaid to the tenant if the GLCC coordinator is satisfied that all conditions are met.

6.4 Your booking is only confirmed when you complete and return this form with the full payment of the room rental.