Moodle User Agreement

We simply use a comprehensive web policy (linked to admin configuration settings) that users must accept before using Moodle (only when you first log in). I am in the process of creating a page with the directive agreement. What I want is that. If the user has not given his consent, he cannot enter the CMS. Users who have features accept policies on behalf of another person in the context of the system, for example. B managers, may consent, on behalf of several users, as follows: If the website guide is set to «Policies (tool_policy),» two new pages will be displayed in «Data Protection and Policies» – «Manage Policies» and «User Agreements.» The rest of this page describes the policy tool. I was wondering how you had moved forward. I was also tasked with preparing a «user agreement» for a platform that I am involved in in development. When e-mail self-registration is enabled on the site, new users must give their consent to all policies before continuing with the registration form.

When verification of the digital age of consent is enabled under «Privacy Settings,» a new user is asked to enter their age and country when they click the «Create a New Account» button. If the user`s age is less than the age of consent for his country, a message invites him to ask his parent/guardian to contact the help contact (as stated in the «Help Contact» in the management of the website). If a new policy is added, all users must give their consent when they register next year. Similarly, if an existing directive is addressed and is not marked as a minor change, all users will be required to give their consent when they come forward next year. Or terms of use with moodle and you should find 100 different versions of user agreements for different departments and institutions that I used in the same way and that I put on a htm file in the moodle directory and that I defined as the site`s policy. A parent or guardian may consent on behalf of their child by giving them the opportunity to approve the instructions on behalf of another person in the user`s context. In the higher role, you will find details about creating the role and assigning a parent element to a student. The parent or guardian may then give consent as follows: To prohibit users from accepting instructions because they are minors: an administrator or user with the ability to approve the instructions on behalf of another person may give consent on behalf of minors or if written consent has been obtained offline.

We have problems with people who buy our courses and then copy content for their own programs. Does anyone have any examples of a good user licensing agreement that they would like to share, that people might accept before taking the course? When a user logs in as a guest, a modal window with links to all policies defined either for customers or for all users appears at the bottom of the user`s browser window.