Electric Bike Rental Agreement

By being in favour of a minor, I agree that I am their parent or legal guardian and that I release Ride Electric (or) Rental Agent from any claim, complaint or liability of that minor. Each of the undersigned has read this Contract for the Use of eBike (s) and the Release and Waiver of Responsibility. In addition, I agree with the terms of the Ride Electric (or) Rental Agent – bike rental are compatible above. d. I recognize that I have been advised to wear a helmet and reflective or white clothing and a light when driving after sunset. I am aware that electric cycling is subject to all municipal and provincial road regulations in force. I know the proper use of the bike. I am aware that there are technicians available for any questions regarding the correct use of the bike. I have read this agreement carefully (customer) and I understand its content. I am aware that this is risk management, waiver and exemption from liability, and I sign it voluntarily. The tenant takes care of the risk of injury: tenant takes care of all risks, including death or serious bodily harm caused by the operation of the bike, weather, height, accidents, etc.

The Tenant recognizes all the risks associated with riding a bicycle on roads, roads, bike paths, bike paths and traffic, including the risk of serious bodily injury or death from falling bicycles, collisions with other bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles or other objects, potholes or sudden loss of control by tire plates by invisible objects enclosing tires by crossing or endorsing, or broken brakes, bicycle disturbances and weather hazards. Despite all the risks involved, Renter freely assumes all the risks of personal injury and/or damage in the operation of this bike and returns undertakes to keep ROLL free of any claims of injury or damage. That is why, in exchange for the possibility of renting a roll bike, I assume, to the extent permitted by law, all the risks of injury, death, loss or damage resulting from my participation in ROLL. This includes injury, death, loss, damage or costs resulting from the negligence of ROLL or its executives, collaborators and agents. If the bike breaks down due to a technical failure, we will repair or repatriate the bike and the associated driver, which can be carried out at the expense of the tenants who are carried out at Ride Electric`s discretion. Risk-taking: I understand and accept that renting this eBike and participating in the bike exposes me to many dangers that can lead to an unavoidable risk of death, aggression (including, but not limited to serious spinal or head injuries) and loss or deterioration of property.